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Tooth Atlas v7 Customers,  

Mac Users:

The default settings on Mac OS X now only allows installation of applicaitons from the Mac App Store.  (and displays a warning saying the installer is damaged if not from the Mac App Store)  To install other software on your computer, ensure your System Preferences / Security and Privicy is set to "Allow applications downloaded from: Mac App Store and identified developers".  You will then be able to install the Tooth Atlas software. 

Alternatively you can also right-click or control-click the installer and choose "open", overriding the default security settings, and allowing you to run the Tooth Atlas installer.

You will need an Administrator login and password to install the Tooth Atlas software.

PC Users:

Ensure you are installing the Tooth Atlas software with an account that has Administrator privileges.

All Users:

Ensure port 10000 is open to use trial mode or register your software.  (internet connection required / contact your IT department if you see an error message such as "cannot connect to internet" or "no response from server".

Please visit for a list of known issues and troubleshooting steps for Tooth Atlas version 7.  We are working hard to resolve all issues and will issue minor version updates to resolve all known issues.

Tooth Atlas v6.6 Customers, We recommend you upgrade to Tooth version 7.  Due to updates from Microsoft and Apple, we can no longer support version 6.6, - there is very little chance the software will run on your machine at all.  If you continue to use version 6.6, there are a few tips you can attempt to get the software working (again we cannot support this software, it will only run if you have a very unique configuration and a backdated java):

1.    The default browser to use Tooth Atlas should be Mozilla Firefox. Please follow the instructions provided here: to update.



2.     Java version 6u43 (not Java 7) should be installed to view all 3D models and components of the program (PC users). Please view the Tooth Atlas installation guide to learn how to change this.  (Mac users will be able to download a patch to revert to Java version 6)

TMJ Atlas Customers, Please ensure you are using Adobe Reader version X (Adobe Reader XI is NOT supported).  

For additional assistance with on the TMJ Atlas, please refer to our TMJ Atlas Support page. TMJ Support Page.  Additionally take a look at the complete install guide for more detailed information.

For additional technical support, please view our Frequently Asked Questions Pages:

Tooth Atlas FAQ
TMJ Atlas  Select the “TMJ” tab at the top of the page.
Skull Atlas  Select the “SA” tab at the top of the page.
Bassett Online Subscription  Select the “Bassett” tab at the top of the page.
iPhone Apps  Select the “iPhone Apps” tab at the top of the page.

If you require supplementary assistance, contact eHuman at
Please provide our support team with the following information so that they can better troubleshoot your issues:

  • Computer Type ( Mac or PC ?)
  • Operating System Version?  (please specify either 32 or 64 bit if using Windows 7/8)
  • Product Name and Version you are using.
  • If using Tooth Atlas, please specify if it is the Standard, Hygiene, or Assisting version.
  • Version of Java installed?
  • What web browser and version you are using?
  • A brief explanation of the issue.

If your issue is esclatated and eHuman Support schedules a Team Viewer session with you, please download the client software here:

TeamViewer Client for PC: Download

TeamViewer Client for Mac:  Download

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