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Web Edition

This “Perfect Tooth” program provides users with the ability to view 3-dimensional teeth that can be rotated, zoomed, and moved around the screen.  From a list of anatomic features that are characteristic of each secondary tooth, the user can click on any feature and view the annotated feature on the tooth while also being able to read the anatomic description of that feature in a text box.  One click displays the dental pulp inside of any tooth.  Pictures and drawings are also available of each tooth from 5 views (facial, lingual, mesial, distal, and incisal/occlusal) as well as drawings that permit simultaneous comparisons to be made of the 5 views and different groups of teeth.  All the drawings, photographs, and 3-dimensional teeth have forms and proportions that represent  “average” or “perfect” teeth as described in the dental literature.  Additionally, tables are available that present the dimensions of the secondary teeth as well as the location and form of many anatomic features as they have been identified in the dental literature.  A special added feature is the ability to bring all the 3-D teeth into occlusion or various groups of teeth and view them from any angle through the rotation and zoom functions. 



System Requirements:

Compatible with Mac OSX (w/ Safari, Firefox, Chrome), and Windows XP, 7 (w/Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome)

Requires:  Unity Player Plugin

System Requirements:  1GB RAM, 128MB or higher graphic card, 1.0 GHz or higher processor

Mac Users: For best results use Firefox OR run in Full Screen mode

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