3D Tooth Atlas 8 - Hygiene Edition


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Operating System Requirements:

Windows XP, 7 and 8, or Mac OS X 10.6 through 10.9 

(Mac users: Ensure your System Preferences / Security and Privacy is set to "Allow applications downloaded from: Mac App Store and identified developers")

Hardware Requirements:


Here's what's new in Tooth Atlas 8:

   Enhanced 3D cutting planes for superior pulp visibility

   Improved user interface for easier navigation and content access

   Faster loading times and better performance

   Easy license reactivation and improved installation experience

   Stereo 3D compatibility in Windows version (Requires compatible stereo 3D hardware)

  Featuring new 3d models:

   New cranial nerves plus brainstem model set

   Trace the connections from the dental nerves through the skull foramena to the brainstem

   Mandibular & maxillary arterial supply and innervation

   Occlusion type I, II, III 3D models

   Tooth CT scans


3D Interactive Tooth Atlas v.8 is a revolutionary educational tool used by dental students, faculty members and practitioners around the world.

The Hygiene Edition of our 3D Interactive Tooth Atlas is a revolutionary educational tool used by Dental Hygiene students, faculty members and practitioners around the world.

The 3D Interactive Tooth Atlas, endorsed by the American College of Prosthodontists, has been integrated into the curriculum of more than 70% of North American dental schools, and is in use throughout the international dental community as a state-of-the-art professional and patient education solution.

Featuring 3D sections on Periodontology, Odontogenesis, Anthropology, Dental Embryology, and Clinical Access. The Clinical Access portal directly accesses the 3D models of teeth for easier and quicker viewing and to facilitate patient and staff education.


Contact us to see how 3D Tooth Atlas can make a difference in your classroom or office, by email at support@eHuman.com or by phone at 650-233-0200.


Available on DVD ROM and Online.




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